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jodi kadhal kaditham

Lyrics were penned by Vairamuthu. [10], The director approached A. R. Rahman to compose music for the film. Rahman Gayathri (Simran), a college student, is the girl which Kannan found as his dream girl. Female : Mmm..oho..ho..ho..oho..ho..ho..ho…ohoho..hoo..oh He is against such marriages and tried to prevent one such marriage by advising the girl who had come to marry her lover and sending her home which led to quarrel and attack by groom and his friends. On seeing her father, he falls at her feet and she is tongue tied as she finds her father has changed a lot and her marriage would bring him complete relief from his guilt. The film features Prashanth and Simran in the lead roles, with Vijayakumar, Nassar and Srividya playing other pivotal roles.

SCHOOL - … எப்பொழுதும் அஞ்சல் மேகம் எல்லாம் காகிதம் வானின் This makes Rudramurthy accept her as his daughter-in-law.

[1] The director, Praveenkanth, with the film reverted to his original name after being known as Praveen Gandhi in his debut film Ratchagan. Kannan (Prashanth) is a young music shop employee. Iravu pagal eppozhuthum anjal unnai sernthidum, Female : Kaadhal kaditham theettavae megam ellaam kaagitham நீலம் கொண்டு வா Jodi - Kadhal kaditham - Duration: 4:46. மேகம் எல்லாம் காகிதம் வானின் Dj Shan 12,153,777 views. Kannan’s father Rudramurthy (Nassar) is an registrar office who witnesses many marriages take place without the consent of couple's parents. Gayathri on other hand has a family with a father who is very depressed by one incident which happened in his life.

[2] The director also played a cameo role in the film. மாட்டேனா மஞ்சத்தில் சூாியனும் அஞ்சல்காரா்கள், ஆண் & பெண் : இரவு பகல் A Hindi version of the film was also planned by the director with different songs and small changes in the storyline, but the project never took off. எப்பொழுதும் அஞ்சல் Vengudu once made a bad criticism about a male vocalist in front of the audience and also in the next day newspaper which led the vocalist to commit suicide. Gayathri manages to win the heart of Rudramurthy when she tried to stop his daughter who was about to run away from her home with her lover and succeed in that. He dreams of a girl who wears gold anklets. [4] Trisha Krishnan, winner of the Miss Chennai 1999 beauty pageant, made an appearance in an uncredited role as a friend of Simran's character. Vengudu is a music critic and his criticism plays a vital role in one's music career. The film released in September 1999 and was remade in Kannada in 2007 as Sajni. Aishwarya had then agreed to appear in a guest appearance in the film, but her unavailability led to Isha Koppikar eventually doing the part. Gayathri understands that Kannan has no role in the stealing of the song and he got money from the troop for fixing their repaired music instruments. மையோ தீா்ந்திடும், ஆண் : ம்ம்ம்… கண்ணே உன் பட்டால் உந்தன் ஜீவன் However, on the day of the marriage the groom sings one of the love songs written by Kannan for Gayathri and which she sang in the music contest. 4:46 . On the other hand, Kannan visits his home with much depression reason being failing to accomplish his mission. As for the performances, Prasanth rises above the material and gives yet another breezy performance. கண்ணா நான் வாழுகிறேன் பேனாவில் Viral pattaal undhan jeevan kaayam padumallo, Female : Anbae undhan anbil aadi pogindren அன்பில் ஆடிப் போகின்றேன் பேனா மையோ

This upsets Gayathri and she is scared on how to marry Kannan. Kannan lends her one of the love poems he had written for her, and she sings it in the contest and wins the prize. Gayathri sets out to Kannan's home as a daughter of troublesome neighbour of Kannan and Kannan sets to Gayathri's home only to earn a name of vagabond from her family. Manjathil urangum podhu sinunga maattenaa, Female : Aah… kaalodu kolusalla kannodu uyir aanaai கடிதத்தைப் பூவாலே Vaanin neelam konduvaa penaa maiyo theernthidum Kannan gets news that his father was injured and rushes home. The groom explains to Vengudu that Kannan and Gayathri love each other very much, and not to separate them. Cee I TV's Murali Manohar signed on Prashanth to appear in their third successive Tamil production after the successes of Jeans and Kaadhal Kavidhai. She assumes that Kannan has stolen and sold their work for money despite Kannan's protest that he is innocent. Iravu pagal eppozhuthum anjal unnai sernthidum, Male : Kaadhal kaditham theettavae megam ellaam kaagitham Both Kannan and Gayathri plan to visit the family of the other, impress them, attract them and get permission for the marriage and set for their mission. நீலம் கொண்டு வா பேனா மையோ தீா்ந்திடும் சந்திரனும் சூாியனும் Chandhiranum sooriyanum anjal kaarargal, Male & Female : Iravu pagal eppozhuthum anjal unnai sernthidum, Female : Ohh … vaanin neelam konduvaa penaa maiyo theernthidum, பெண் : காதல் கடிதம் தீட்டவே TRIK DAN KIAT SEKOLAH YANG LUCU DAN BERGUNA! Vengudu accepts them as he does not want to commit another mistake in his life and spend his life in guilt. From then he stopped his critic job and has been living with remorse.

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