((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") && One way or another, the Irish showbands gave many musicians a decent wage; provided patrons with much needed entertainment; and helped promoters make a lot of money! We are not a booking agency, and we don’t run our own wedding band or dj service. While he spent a stint in pop music as a member of Irish boy band D-side, he later moved on to life as a solo singer and songwriter when he struck gold with his song “God’s Plan” in 2010, a song he penned in a bolt of creativity in his London bedsit in less than half an hour. A massive industry that has growing followers, young and old, across the country, the singers and artists of Irish country music get their spotlight on TG4, sometimes on RTÉ, and on country music shows but are often overlooked by those (I’m looking at you, Dublin) who fail to recognize the popularity of the genre. We consider any band playing before 1970 Let us make Your day that bit more Special! contributor's names. Registered Office: Wedding Pages Online Ltd, Ballycumber, Co. Offaly. We are not a booking agency, and we don’t run our own wedding band or dj service. Irish country music is a massive, ever-growing industry that continues to sell out venues across the country. As the turbulent 60's gave way to the swinging seventies, Do you have an idea for a story on Irish music or the Irish language?
Impact Showband (photo at left). Names like Brose Walsh, Mick Delahunty, and Maurice Mulcahy dominated the scene playing a mix of standard tunes and the popular Who is your favorite Irish country music singer or act? and marquees of Ireland in the 70's and 80's. // -->

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