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Out of all the options I’m about to list here, the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel was one of my favorite passive income apps, mainly due to the higher payouts. Each project in these portfolios is wisely selected and proactively developed, to facilitate the growth of your net worth.
How It Works: Swagbucks is a survey site and so much more (read our full Swagbucks review here).

Regardless, you will get rewarded. Like some of these passive income apps, you will need to apply and be eligible for the program as not everyone can be approved. Acorns isn’t free – it charges $1 a month for accounts with less than $5,000 in them. App Store Rating: 4.4 – 26,000+ reviews; Google Play Rating: 4.1 – 44,000+ votes; How It Works: Swagbucks is a survey site and so much more (read our full Swagbucks review here).. You can get paid to watch ads, shop online, and play games.. It’s established a reputation as one of the best survey sites out there.. Just continue your browsing activity as you normally would and the extension will reward you whenever you visit a participating site, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Amazon. Airbnb is probably my favorite passive income app. There are no ads to watch, no videos to click through or annoying pop-ups. In the current age and technology, being able to earn a passive income has become much easier. It can help in a variety of ways, including canceling subscriptions, tracking how much you’re spending, and even by saving on your internet bill.

From what I read, first-time users will earn $5 their first week, but it will vary after your first week. I did write about this extension in depth in the past, and I highly recommend you check it out if you want to see how it works in detail. With the Seated app, you just enjoy your favorite meal or drinks and earn big rewards. After that, you are eligible to earn rewards in the form of cashback, which you can use on various brands like: This app is a branch of the SurveySavvy survey site that offers a chance for users to earn passive income. You can earn by shopping online, changing your search engine, taking advantage of special offers and much more…. Trim is an automated financial manager that will skim through your expenses. In fact, you don’t need to keep viewing more and more ads to make money. These apps also won’t record conversations or track your text messages, etc, and are simply designed to look at the websites you visit and the apps you download for marketing purchases. If you’re looking to take your app side hustle to the next level, here are some additional highly-rated apps that will help you earn extra money. Every time you buy something, that cost is rounded up to the nearest dollar. Not bad for a side income!
While the data collection apps are legit, they tend to take longer to get to a point where you can withdraw your funds.

It’s kind of like Drop and Dosh, but it’s a pinch different. If your area is in demand, you could have guests in as little as a week or so. Choose from predefined categories or create your own. They will even give you a $5 bonus simply for signing up. This is because you can spend them at almost any store or brand. Just join, shop, and receive cashback passively, for doing what you always do. It’s not the best passive money-making app, but every little bit helps.

It’s up to you to decide what you want to view, such as the weather, utilities, etc. Whether you live in a rural area or big city, use the Airbnb rental calculator to see how much you can get for a spare room or renting out your entire home/apartment. Are you ready to experience your inner rebel? It’s established a reputation as one of the best survey sites out there.

Aside from being a member of SavvyConnect, you will also be part of the SurveySavvy, wherein you can receive exclusive, high-paying surveys.

Depending on where you live, it’s not uncommon to hear people make thousands a year, especially if you live in a high-demand, touristy area. Now, the cool thing about this app is that you don’t need to interact with the content nor does it mess with your phone since you can unlock as you normally would.

Your email address will not be published. However, you can sign up on a mobile browser or desktop computer. Image: Circles. Swagbucks local allows you to link a card, then earn SBs (Swagbucks’ name for points) at participating local stores.

While most real investment apps are only available for accredited investors, Fundrise offers some products that are available even to the nonaccredited investors. The app gets the revenue it uses for the reward program, mainly from various affiliate network links. Unlike a lot of the apps I mention, CashMagnet works differently in that it acts as an auto-surfing device that browses articles on the internet. Airbnb is a fantastic option if you don’t mind renting out your entire home or even a room. Can't handle your daily finance?

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