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However, to make it as small as possible, some features, such as a built-in speaker, were excluded. Mixing two songs smoothly, scratching, and making effects. You will be able to check out the latest club music without using your PC or smart phone, download songs recommended by professional DJs and share your own play lists. Using only the built-in battery, you can use it continuously for more than 12 hours.. You can use the device not only in nightclubs, but also at house parties and outdoors. Password※Half-width English numbers and letters, using more than 6 characters, user name※Minimum of 6 alphanumeric characters, [GODJ Plus] The World’s First A4-sized portable DJ System with Speaker Transform any place into a nightclub, World’s First DJ System with Exclusive Dancer, ※Half-width English numbers and letters, using more than 6 characters. Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Since 2016 is meant to be the Year of the Standalone DJ Controller, it’s only fair to mention the GoDJ Plus, a… standalone DJ controller that’s currently trying to raise capital via crowdfunding site Indiegogo. We need to be clear before unleashing Dan on a tirade about huge companies misusing crowdfunding as a marketing ploy and pre-order mechanism. It can be loaded with music via the 16GB internal memory or the SD card slot (card not included). Our repair base is located in Japan (Sendai, Miyagi). From this URL, you can see an English version page. A2. They may differ from those of … SoundCloud DJ — All the offline you can eat, The Pioneer DJ DJM-S11 — some observations, ANNUAL PSA: Big Sur will probably break your stuff, The very late post NAMM new Denon DJ Prime first look article, REVIEW: KRK Rokit G4 RP7 and 10S speaker reviews, The day DJing changed — source separation for djay Pro AI and VirtualDJ, The PS5 and the possibility of streaming only DJ gear, RECIPE: That DJ industry teaser commentary Wensleydale cheese pie, I hate teasers, so here’s a Pioneer DJ one, and some real talk, The battery powered Denon DJ Prime Go — didn’t see this coming, NAMM 2020: Numark’s DJ2GO2 Touch — less got more. This purchase agreement will be confirmed when you complete your payment. You can get a decent gist of the unit from the above pitch video, if you can put up with the god-awful music. — Includes Micro USB Cable For Charging & Data Transmission Can I connect it with the huge speakers in club? The GODJ Plus is the one designed to cover this weakness. Without speakers, you can have fun with the huge sound of music. Universal OS such as Android and Linux are not used in the hardware, but our own system controls the tasks for the best functionality. © 2012 - 2020 Touch of Modern, TouchOfModern Inc. (The specs are in trial production. — Language Support: English, Spanish, S. Chinese, T. Chinese, Japanese https://www.makuake.com/en/project/go-dj-plus/. Just plug your headphones into the audio jack, and mix music anytime, anywhere. Your favorite music starts immediately after you press the switch. We offer two products. (The specs are in trial production. Q2. O NAS DJ Plus posluje od leta 2014. By signing up here, you are agreeing to receive periodic email updates, news and special promotional offers from Touch of Modern. World’s First DJ System with Exclusive Dancer The unit is completely stand-alone. JDSound is a startup company located in Sendai, Miyagi. I can’t help but think back to some of the classic Dieter Rams designs when I look at the GoDJ Plus. May 2016 : GODJ-C starts to be delivered, 2nd trial version made, Jun 2016 : GODJ Plus final design decided, speaker adjustment, Jul 2016 : Molding production start, parts supply, Sep 2016 : Moldind final adjustment, software test, Dec 2016 : GODJ Plus starts to be delivered. Its size is suitable for outdoor tables. The basic functions of GODJ, which are loved by DJs all over the world, are still available. When the RCA connector on the back of GODJ Plus is joined with an amplifier or a mixer, you can use the huge speakers with ease. 3. It is just as if you hired a DJ. The company has manufactured many audio systems such as a walk-man and a wireless headphone from Sony. It must be fun to have your friends DJ for the first time in their lives. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network with the SD Card. GODJ Plus offers you such an ideal DJ life. Since it is A4-sized, it fits into your bag. Final sale, not eligible for return or cancellation. And for almost a decade and a half, we’ve been the goto DJ gear site for the highest quality coverage around. — Multiple Inputs & Outputs: RCA Out, Headphone Jack, Line-In, Mic It has auto functions which can support the first DJ plays and also has samplers which are applicable to difficult plays, depending on your idea. What is the difference between the former version, GODJ and this new version ”GODJ Plus”? <2> The second option is the set of final product of GODJ Plus and the “GODJ-C”, a low-priced edition of GODJ. The music is used as the BGM in bars and cafes. These DJ functions are all-in-one device. Našim partnerjem nudimo zadovoljstvo v sodelovanju, lastnikom živali pa zanesljivo in kakovostno — LCD Touch Screen It is planned to be delivered around in October, 2016, since the mass production starts after Makuake campaign. Can I use it? This device is suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals. We are planning to add a Wi-Fi music download feature. Yes, that Monster brand. おかげさまで当初の目標金額 … Click OK to carry on as before. Even though basic functions are the same as those of GODJ and GODJ Plus. This is the definitive edition of the portable DJ system. — 16GB Internal Memory As it is a dedicate machine, the fast and stable experience is realized without freeze nor clash. It does have a "Line-In" port that would allow you to connect your turntable to the unit with an RCA to AUX Cable. However, GODJ Plus will take care of everything. Once connected to the computer, the device works like a flash drive called "USB Mode." With a little bigger body, we were able to have full-spec functions inside. Now, it evolved into a real, stand-alone device that you can DJ with. Other additions and changes are under review. — USB Ports & SD Card Slot (SD Card NOT Included) output connector. 小さなパーティーから本格的なクラブハウスまで、幅広いDJシーンにこの1台で対応できます。. GODJ Plus is connected to the new technique " Now, you never have to worry like, “There is nothing good to connect to in the club.” or “The annoying update popup came out when playing with the PC DJ app.”. 286 gram weight compact body with high functionality has attracted many fans, including professionals. You may unsubscribe at any time. You might feel as if your avatar is dancing on the floor. The number of pads and buttons will also be increased, so that more and more multi kinds of play will be enabled. Editor’s note: while JD Sound made the original GoDJ for Monster, we’re unclear if this is a Monster backed project as well (the new video appears on the Monster Youtube channel). Of course you can. It supports the complicated techniques played by professionals. It can be used as a home audio, just like a CD radio-cassette, or a component stereo set. The potential of the device is as big as even that of a huge DJ equipment. Naša osnovna dejavnost je uvoz in distribucija hrane in opreme za pse, mačke in ostale hišne ljubljenčke. This next-generation, all-in-one portable DJ system features 2 channel digital turntables and an LCD touch screen. If you have no GODJ series, it is strongly recommended to have an option. With GODJ Plus, you can handle any situation from small parties to big nightclub events. In the course of my research for this article, I managed to work out that not only is this hardware from Monster, but so was the unit Mark reviewed three years ago… all roads seem to lead back to the Monster brand. Kot pooblaščeni distributer odgovornih proizvajalcev hrane in opreme plasiramo proizvode po celotni Sloveniji. As the limited edition of Makuake, the set with the gold model of GODJ is prepared. The unit itself is fairly unadventurous in its workflow, save perhaps for the pair touch screens replacing of jogwheels, but the fact it’s completely self-containing, including speakers, should make it pretty … You can enjoy playing it in any situation. If that is not enough space, GoDJ Plus has an SD card slot that allows you to play all the songs you want to play. They may differ from those of the final product. But now, the new version also has a built-in high-quality speaker with megavolume and the Wi-Fi feature. Are the manual and supports only provided in Japanese? All you needs are packed inside the A4-sized device, so you can play it anytime and anywhere. Generally, to DJ, you have to prepare various devices such as two turntables or a CD player, a mixer device, an effect unit, a sampler, and so on. You don’t need to take your laptop with you anymore. The GO DJ PLUS packs a studio full of pro gear into a pocket sized controller— allowing you to produce, mix, and record broadcast-quality audio and DJ sets no matter where you are.

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